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Health 4 Balance offers business training and consulting solutions, personalized tools to propel you and your team from where you are right now to where you want to be by accentuating the strengths of individuals, allowing companies in Puerto Rico and beyond to excel in a time of change. Create profit growth, employee engagement and satisfaction. Start with a free consultation today.

Yanil Suarez

Organizational Development Consultant, Strategist and Certified Coach

Yanil has extensive experience in the areas of coaching, leadership training and high-performance teams. In 2010,  she founded Health 4 Balance, and has since then, focused on developing talent, strengths, and leadership for world-class organizations. During the last 12 years she has collaborated with different prestigious companies in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the United States developing strategies in search of increasing productivity.


In 2015, Yanil co-founded The Academy, a Specialized Corporate Training Program for the development of leadership strengths and performance. In addition, she is an ICF Certified Professional Coach, Strengths Coach and Consultant trained by GALLUP. In search of tools to better serve organizations like yours, she has been trained and certified in:


  • Certificación Internacional Liderazgo John Maxwell

  • GENOS – Inteligencia Emocional

  • PROSCI – Change Management Facilitator

  • AEPRO – Coaching y PNL

  • Harvard – Negotiations Skills


She is an active member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) Puerto Rico Chapter, the SHRMP, ATD, and the Puerto Rico Industrial Association where she teaches Workshops, Academies and Seminars for the professional development of leadership. Yanil's professional goal is to provide learning tools that generate sustainable changes and create a Business Culture focused on Service, Leadership and the use of its Strengths.

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Many major companies in Puerto Rico and beyond have issues with employee engagement, communication and workplace issues arising from generational gaps between key employers and employees. We help to get your team focused on individual strengths. By facilitating the individual the larger collective can work together and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our highly certified trainers are team building experts, consultants, and coaches.

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Employees who know and use their strengths are

as likely to be engaged at work, nearly 8x more productive in their role and much less likely to leave their company.


Source: Gallup


On-Going or Custom Sessions

Leadership Academies

Influence culture, performance and more through recurring and custom coaching and trainings.

Leadership Academies

Create more influence, impact and opportunities for a thriving workplace with in-person academies.

Transform Strengths into Performance

Gain long-term stability and growth with immersive strengths coaching experiences for key management and teams.

As the only e2grow partner in Puerto Rico, we offer coaching programs that include our unique methodology for developing high performing leaders and teams so you can maintain heathy leadership, drive high performance and create a well-balanced workplace.

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Organizational Development Assessment

Improve performance and talent by understanding your organization's specific needs for recruiting, leadership, and team development.

Customized Assessments for Organizational Success

Improve ROI for our services and your business at large with a customized assessment of organizational needs.

Team Training

Drive performance by focusing on creating a fully functional team ecosystem based on strengths.


Turn toward solution with a partner in business management and talent development

Strengths Coaching

Gain the necessary tools for management and teams to develop a long-lasting strengths-based culture.

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